Armoured specific clutch design.

Xtreme Outback provides a range of targeted clutch solutions developed for use in armoured vehicles.

Paying particular attention to the specific requirements of armoured and security vehicles (including increased weight and equipment, engine performance upgrades), the Xtreme Outback engineering team develops and tests every product to the unique specification required by that platform. Every Xtreme Outback product is carefully assessed, by vehicle fitment and in-field evaluation. We take special care in maintaining ease-of-use; increasing clamping pressure while minimizing pedal effort, and maintaining OEM-like modulation and control.

Development Process

Our development process is unrivalled in the industry.

Before any new design work is undertaken, our technicians thoroughly benchmark the relevant OE clutch unit, evaluating the following attributes:

  • Physical dimensions (O.D., I.D., cover P.C.D., cover and flywheel profile)
  • Installed operating height
  • Worn operating height
  • Clamp load
  • Release load
  • Release travel

While the OE product is being benchmarked, our R&D team will look at the requirements and priorities for the Xtreme Outback upgrade. If the product is being developed for a specific client, our technical sales team will liaise with the client to best understand the unique conditions the target vehicle is likely to encounter.

Next, prototyping begins. CAD software allows our Engineering department to digitally draw the initial prototype if required. Our CAD software not only facilitates accurate design, but allows us to run digital test simulations on components and assemblies using FEA (Finite Element Analysis). CAD also allows us rapid prototyping of bespoke components required for a particular product.

Once the prototype is available, we will carry out a vehicle fitment and test. We will check for precise fit of the installed components, and then gauge the test results against our earlier benchmarks. Depending on the vehicle platform and the product requirements, we may also coordinate a long term durability test, to ensure that even after thousands of kilometers, the product continues to perform the way our decades of design experience tells us it will.

Only once we are entirely satisfied the product will move to full production status. It is then ready to be volume produced.

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