How can I prolong the life of my clutch?

Thermal overload can be one of the main causes of premature wear or failure of a clutch so it is important to reduce any heat build-up through clutch modulation or slipping. Never slip the clutch where it is not necessary and always ensure that you are in the correct gear for the speed being travelled. Try to avoid any water/ mud contamination from river crossings which can cause excessive corrosion and damage the friction material.

What is the difference between a dual-mass and single-mass flywheel?

A traditional single mass flywheel is only made from one main mass that is connected to the crank on the engine. This mass assists with the rotational inertia of the engine and allows it to rotate smoothly though the firing cycle.
A dual mass flywheel is made up of two parts. The primary mass is the part that is connected to the engine and also contains the ring gear. The secondary mass has a sprung connection to the primary mass and also holds the pressure plate. The advantage of this system is that in OE applications it allows a larger degree of angular dampening to be built into the driveline. This helps make driving much smoother by reducing a lot of the driveline and engine vibrations.

What makes Xtreme Outback different from Clutch Pro?

Xtreme Outback offer products that are designed for applications where a little more performance is required from the clutch. This could be when you have a modified off-road vehicle or even when you do a lot more towing. Outback caters for performance and heavy duty applications of 4×4 vehicles on and off road.

Is an Xtreme Outback Clutch recommended for towing?

Xtreme Outback Clutches are designed for conditions where a standard clutch is no longer capable. This is often common in applications where vehicles are used to tow at the higher end of the towing capacity or the vehicle has increased engine performance to deal with the increased towing mass. The increased clamping force and superior friction material will increase the torque capacity of the clutch unit to prevent slipping under maximum torque delivery.

How will a heavy duty clutch affect the driveability of my vehicle?

The Xtreme Outback Clutches are designed to be smooth in operation and most users will find them perfectly manageable for every day driving. The increase in clamping force and torque capacity often means that there can be a slight increase in pedal effort.
Single-mass conversions can occasionally transmit a small amount of extra gear noise, but does not affect the performance of the vehicle.

What form of warranty do you offer on Xtreme Outback products?

Our warranty terms and conditions can be found on our website.

How do I know when it’s time to change my clutch?

Clutches need to be replaced for many reasons. The most common reason is that they simply wear out their friction material to the point that they start to slip. When this occurs the engine will struggle to provide drive to the wheels. The clutch disc and bearing can also fail after many years of service.

Can clutches be repaired rather than purchasing a new one?

Australian Clutch Services do repair and service clutches. Depending on the wear and tear on a particular item, it can sometimes be viable to repair particular components. This needs to be assessed on an individual basis.

Can dual-mass flywheels be machined?

Dual mass flywheels should not be machined. Dual mass flywheels absorb movement and vibration in various directions and even have a degree of off axis rock tolerance. Because of this movement, it is near impossible to guarantee a flat friction surface after machining.

What else should I look to change at the same time as the clutch?

When replacing the clutch it is also important to check all other moving components at the same time for wear and tear. The release bearing and pilot bearing are the two most common but it is important to check pivot balls, flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts, flywheels and concentric slave cylinders. Australian Clutch Services have wide range of these products catalogued to suit many applications. We often supply these components in our kits, but we also offer some items as options when buying.

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